Welcome to Calm Mediation

Calm Mediation offers an exceptional level of conflict resolution experience and expertise, providing family, neighbour & community, workplace and youth (peer) mediation services as well as restorative justice and training. We work across London and neighbouring counties.

We offer mediation in person and online according to our clients’ needs.


For visits in person, if you (or anyone on your premises) are displaying symptoms, please contact us as soon as possible to re-arrange your appointment using the phone numbers below. Equally, if our practitioners display symptoms, we will contact you promptly to inform you and rearrange your appointment.

Contact Calm Mediation:

Neighbour, Community, Youth & general queries 020 7603 4014

Family queries 0300 102 3033

Restorative justice 0300 102 3031

Workplace queries 0300 102 3032