‘Lodon Victim and Witness Service’ (LVWS) – Restorative Justice service

From 1st April 2019 the ‘London Victim and Witness Service’ (LVWS) led by Victim Support will be available pan-London and Restorative Justice (RJ) is an embedded part of that provision. Calm Mediation will be the provider of RJ and casework can be referred via restorativejustice@calmmediation.org or call 020 7603 4014.

Calm Mediation have provided RJ in London since 2004 and have helped many victims move on after they have been harmed by crime; ‘It made a traumatic journey a lot easier’ victim quote. Our experienced facilitators, most of whom are trained in serious and complex casework, volunteer their time and support to help victims find their voice and understand what happened and why. We also help the offender to understand the damage caused and acknowledge how their actions have affected the victim. The offender may offer a verbal or written expression of regret.

We welcome referrals that have consent from the victim to pursue a Restorative process on their behalf and will attend to any type of case.