Our Team

Calm Mediation is a charitable incorporated organisation that has a core team of employees who enable delivery of quality conflict resolution services. They run the organisation, recruit and support our practitioners, liaise with client organisations and service users, arrange mediation/RJ meetings, and deliver training. Meet the teams and find links to get in touch with them below. To make a general enquiry to Calm, email us at info@calmmediation.org.

Family Mediation Service

To find our more or make a referral to our Family team – call 0300 102 3033 or email us at family@calmmediation.org

  • Ursula – Senior Family Mediator
  • Heidi – Accredited Family Mediator
  • Simeon – Qualified Family Mediator
  • Freddie – Service Manager

Workplace Mediation service

To find our more or make a referral to our Workplace team – call 0300 102 3032 or email us at workplace@calmmediation.org

  • Freddie – Service Manager and Workplace Mediator
  • Emma – Coordinator
  • Panel of experienced Workplace Mediators

Neighbour and Community Mediation Service

To get in touch with our Neighbour & Community team, to find out more or make a referral, email us at neighbour@calmmediation.org

  • Dave – Mediation Director
  • John – Coordinator
  • Kai – Coordinator

Restorative Justice Service

To get in touch with our RJ team, to find out more or make a referral, email us at restorative.justice@calmmediation.org

  • Julie – Service Manager
  • Janet – Coordinator
  • Zoe – Coordinator

Youth Mediation Service

To get in touch with our Youth team, to find out more or make a referral, email us at youth@calmmediation.org

  • Mel – Youth Service Manager

Supporting Services

To get in touch with our Training team, email us at training@calmmediation.org

  • Volunteer Engagement Coordinator – see Vacancy Role & Job Description
  • Anya – Data & Internet Officer
  • Jade – Finance Manager


  • Corinne – CEO

Supported by a Board of Trustees who are responsible for making sure the charity is carrying out its purposes for the public benefit and that it complies with the law. They bring a wide range of experience and expertise to ensure that the organisation is effective and accountable, and meet regularly to review the strategic business plan and finances. Trustees perform these legal obligations in a voluntary capacity; they are unpaid. Find out more on the Charity Commission website. Our trustees are:

  • Tracey Adamson
  • Bodé Adeloye
  • Alex Dunlop
  • Paul George
  • Joe Martin
  • Chris Pickard
  • Ralph Strang


Our ability to deliver our services is reliant on our wonderful volunteer practitioners. These are individuals fuelled by passion for resolving conflict and a desire to make difference in communities across London. The training we deliver ensures that they are prepared for real world practice at the highest level. We offer opportunity for accreditation and strict supervision and testing criteria which needs to be completed by anyone practising with us.