Restorative Justice Council’s 4th RJ Leaders’ Summit

Our chair of Trustee’s Chris Pickard and RJ Service Manager Julie Clark attended the 4th Restorative Leaders’ Summit hosted by The Restorative Justice Council on 11th May in London. RJ Leaders travelled from as far as Scotland and Ireland for the day to enjoy two excellent sessions introduced by RJ Council Chief Exec James Simon. … Read more

Calm Mediation Achieves Registered Restorative Justice Service Provider Status

The Restorative Justice Service is proud to announce that we have achieved Registered Restorative Justice Service Provider Status from the Restorative Justice Council (RJC) for the 7th Consecutive year. The RJC is the membership body that sets the standards for Restorative Justice in the UK and provides quality assurance for restorative practice. “I would like … Read more

International Restorative Justice Week 2022

20th – 26th November Calm Mediation RJ team had another exciting week celebrating this year’s International RJ Week. We attended the annual Restorative Justice Council two-day conference, an RJ event with Mint House, Oxford and we delivered a keynote presentation at the Victim Support RJ webinar alongside Met Police and West Mercia RJ Team. Our … Read more

London Victim and Witness Service Restorative Justice Awareness Sessions

Calm Mediation’s Restorative Justice team and the London Victim and Witness Service (LVWS) RJ Development Officer delivered the first two of a series of awareness sessions to Victim Support in August and November. The aim of the sessions is to enhance the skills of Victim Support caseworkers to introduce Restorative Justice to victims at appropriate … Read more

RJ Partner Awareness Sessions

The Restorative Justice (RJ) team: Janet, Julie and Zoe, have received some great feedback from the MPS Borough Command Unit (BCU) Familiarisation Week sessions. BCU Familiarisation Week is delivered to all new police recruits in week 12 of their training. Its aim is to ‘introduce a range of community inputs in the delivery of their … Read more

6 days Community Mediation Skills Training October 2022

Community Mediation Skills training Experienced mediators and trainers deliver the six-day in-person interactive course.  It will take the learners through from understanding conflict and exploring individuals’ responses to it, through the steps of the mediation process, practicing the necessary skills to deliver a professional service.  Costs, plus Eventbrite fee: £1,495 The application process: To apply, … Read more

Neighbour Mediation Case Study – April-June 2022

Neighbour Mediation Case Study – Practitioners Summary Jamal was complaining that Paul was making noise deliberately, but Paul said that any noise was just household noise and there was nothing he could do about it. Issues: It sounded like neither had responded pleasantly to the other over the problem, and each had accused the other … Read more

The Wonderful World of Online Mediation – Heather Loebl’s Zoom Training

Our organisation is constantly progressing, fine-tuning and innovating ways to communicate, and the COVID pandemic makes no exception to this. The UK’s lockdown has accelerated Calm Mediation’s progress and accessibility by allowing us to make use of all online resources available to us. Zoom video conferencing has been one of the game-changers for us during … Read more

An Interview with Dave Walker MBE – Director of Mediation at Southwark Mediation Centre

As Calm Mediation and Southwark Mediation Centre prepare to work more closely together, we spoke to Dave Walker, the director of mediation at Southwark Mediation Centre, about his experience in the world of mediation and in life.  Describe the growth of Southwark Mediation Centre.  I feel the growth of the centre is down to the creativity and … Read more