Resolving issues of radicalisation Father & Son – Co working with a Youth Mediator

When a father [in his 50’s] of African heritage and strong Christian beliefs felt his son had been radicalised at University, he withheld his son’s passport and laptop and stopped his son from visiting the family home, thus stopping him from seeing his mother, younger brothers and sisters. As the son had approached the police, … Read more

Neighbours in Dispute Over Smoking

Karen and her boyfriend Paul (downstairs) had been living downstairs in a house conversion for three years when Glenda and her partner Graham with their two young children moved in upstairs.  The couple in the downstairs flat smoked at home and wanted to carry on with their routines and lifestyle. However, the smell of cigarette smoke provoked … Read more

My Volunteer Experience of Being a Community Mediator

Q2: What do you enjoy most about volunteering?

By day a professional coach supporting executives in the corporate sector, Anita Ferrari is also one of our volunteer mediators, giving up some of her spare time to provide a valuable service to the community. In this interview she reflects on her volunteering experience. We asked Anita Ferrari, a professional Coach, some questions about her volunteering experience at Calm … Read more

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What makes a great Mediator?

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We’ve teamed up with Genesis Housing

Calm Mediation has a new contract to provide a mediation service to the residents of One Housing Group in London as part of the London Mediation Council.  The contract means that One Housing’s tenants and residents across the Capital will have access to expert help to quickly resolve neighbour or community conflicts. Corinne Rechais, Calm Mediation’s … Read more