Neighbours in Dispute Over Smoking

Karen and her boyfriend Paul (downstairs) had been living downstairs in a house conversion for three years when Glenda and her partner Graham with their two young children moved in upstairs.  The couple in the downstairs flat smoked at home and wanted to carry on with their routines and lifestyle. However, the smell of cigarette smoke provoked … Read more Neighbours in Dispute Over Smoking

Volunteer Neighbour Mediator Role

Role Type: Volunteering (12 months commitment, renewed annually)  Reporting To: a member of Calm Mediation’s Neighbour Mediation Service Team  Office Location: Calm Mediation, 92 Camberwell Road, London, SE5 0EG Expenses: Approved out-of-pocket expenses reimbursed      Benefits   In this role, you will be part of a panel of enthusiastic volunteers, with the opportunity to make a difference in communities and contribute to case studies … Read more Volunteer Neighbour Mediator Role

My Volunteer Experience of Being a Community Mediator

Q2: What do you enjoy most about volunteering?

By day a professional coach supporting executives in the corporate sector, Anita Ferrari is also one of our volunteer mediators, giving up some of her spare time to provide a valuable service to the community. In this interview she reflects on her volunteering experience. We asked Anita Ferrari, a professional Coach, some questions about her volunteering experience at Calm … Read more My Volunteer Experience of Being a Community Mediator

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Be quick, because we have a taster workshop happening over breakfast in Hammersmith. There you will meet like-minded professionals considering a future in mediation. You will find out:

  • How mediation works
  • Three ways to reduce employee stress, absence and sickness
  • How to minimise risk of litigation and employment tribunal claims

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We’ve teamed up with Genesis Housing

Calm Mediation has a new contract to provide a mediation service to the residents of One Housing Group in London as part of the London Mediation Council.  The contract means that One Housing’s tenants and residents across the Capital will have access to expert help to quickly resolve neighbour or community conflicts. Corinne Rechais, Calm Mediation’s … Read more We’ve teamed up with Genesis Housing

Why use community mediation?

Mediation is an effective method of dispute resolution that is becoming more widely used in many different situations in the UK. The benefits: It’s quick. Mediators are readily available and most disputes can be resolved within a two-stage process which can be completed in as little as half a day. It works – 94% of … Read more Why use community mediation?

Our Community Mediation Training

Mediating conflicts in the community setting can be hugely rewarding. Unlike other disciplines of conflict resolution, it often takes place in people’s homes, in an informal setting. You may be facilitating clients who live next to each other but have hardly met. You can read more about Community Mediation here. Amongst other things, we act … Read more Our Community Mediation Training

Community Mediation Service

The cost of conflict in the community Conflict at home – with neighbours, within the family or the wider community – can seriously affect people’s health and wellbeing. Instead of a place of refuge, home can become a place of tension and unhappiness. In these circumstances, people commonly suffer sleep loss and other symptoms of … Read more Community Mediation Service