London Victim and Witness Service Restorative Justice Awareness Sessions

Calm Mediation’s Restorative Justice team and the London Victim and Witness Service (LVWS) RJ Development Officer delivered the first two of a series of awareness sessions to Victim Support in August and November. The aim of the sessions is to enhance the skills of Victim Support caseworkers to introduce Restorative Justice to victims at appropriate … Read more

RJ Partner Awareness Sessions

The Restorative Justice (RJ) team: Janet, Julie and Zoe, have received some great feedback from the MPS Borough Command Unit (BCU) Familiarisation Week sessions. BCU Familiarisation Week is delivered to all new police recruits in week 12 of their training. Its aim is to ‘introduce a range of community inputs in the delivery of their … Read more

Victim’s Commissioner for England and Wales makes RJ Recommendation in response to Victim’s Bill Consultation.

  “Our justice system only works when it delivers justice to both victim and offender. And justice for victims means having their voice heard.” – Dame Vera Baird   The Victim’s Commissioner for England and Wales published the Victim’s Bill consultation document in February 2022.  The paper is in response to “Delivering justice for victims: … Read more

Restorative Justice Week

International Restorative Justice Week 2021 commenced with the 3rd Restorative Justice Council Annual Conference delivered over 2 days.  The theme of this year’s conference was Restorative Networks: bridging divides and strengthening communities.  It was lovely to see so many of our Facilitators in attendance.  Wearing her RJC Trustee hat, our very own Janet delivered a … Read more

Calm Mediation Joins the Advisory Board for the Restorative Justice All Party Parliamentary Group

The Restorative Justice APPG advisory board was established in April 2021. Oral and written evidence gathering sessions took place over the summer. The goals of the APPG were: To examine the use of Restorative Justice principles within the UK Justice System and beyond To raise the profile of Restorative Justice principles within Parliament To provide … Read more

Have you been a victim of burglary?

The psychological effects of burglary are present in at least 60% of victims who report feelings of anger, shock, worry and fear. If you have been a victim of a burglary, you may have questions about the incident. ‘Why me?’ ‘Were they watching me?’ ‘Am I safe?’ ‘What did they do with my personal items?’ ‘Do … Read more

Restorative Justice Helpline for Referrers 

From the 1st June 2020 all practitioners working with victims and offenders will have access to our dedicated helpline.   Our team will be on hand from 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday to answer your queries;    offering advice and information   discuss potential referrals and provide case updates   referral forms    and the option for victims and/or offenders to speak directly to … Read more

Our RJ Service Manager takes part in the Crimestoppers podcast series, Community Conversations.

Crimestoppers have produced a series of podcasts called Community Conversations where a panel and audience discuss knife crime in local communities.  Each episode focuses on a specific issue and Julie our Restorative Justice Service manager, was invited to attend the Community Conversation on RJ. As well as Julie you will hear from two other panellists; … Read more

‘Lodon Victim and Witness Service’ (LVWS) – Restorative Justice service

From 1st April 2019 the ‘London Victim and Witness Service’ (LVWS) led by Victim Support will be available pan-London and Restorative Justice (RJ) is an embedded part of that provision. Calm Mediation will be the provider of RJ and casework can be referred via or call 020 7603 4014. Calm Mediation have provided RJ … Read more