Workplace Mediation: Accredited Mediators

If you are considering using our workplace mediation service, we keep a list of active mediators for your online reference. All our workplace mediators are trained and accredited; participating in our programme of mediator development and supervision. We also offer training in many spheres of conflict resolution with training events throughout the year.   Our … Read more Workplace Mediation: Accredited Mediators

Why use workplace mediation?

A 2015 CIPD research report found that employers are making increased use of mediation as an effective means of managing conflict between people in the workplace. The benefits: It works – A 2008 ACAS survey among 500 SMEs found that among those that had used mediation, almost half said it had resolved the issues completely; … Read more Why use workplace mediation?

Workplace Mediation Skills

Conversion to Workplace Mediation Date: Summer¬†2022¬†(dates TBC – Please contact us to register your interest). 4 days in attendance. Location: Central London. 12 delegates. Places still available. Overview: This interactive four day course is aimed at those who have completed training in community mediation and now wish to practice as a workplace mediator. It will … Read more Workplace Mediation Skills

Workplace Mediation Service

The cost of conflict in the workplace A degree of conflict in an organisation can be a helpful driver of creativity, innovation and productivity. But when tensions lead to disagreements which are not properly managed, conflict becomes destructive and can cycle out of control. Access mediation support on 0300 102 3032 or at [email protected] The … Read more Workplace Mediation Service