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Conflict Resolution Training

Improve your students’ lifelong outcomes with peer mediation

Schools and colleges providing this innovative approach to conflict among young people report the many benefits it brings for the whole school community. Since 1995 we have trained over 600 peer mediators and have won numerous awards:

Peer Mediation Group of the Year - Peerlink
Best service for young people by young people - The Specialist Schools Trust

What is peer mediation?

Peer mediation is an effective way of addressing conflict within primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, and other youth settings.

Students are trained to provide mediation for other students experiencing conflict. Guided by clear principles and a code of conduct, the mediators help their peers to consider how the problem has come about and what the impact has been. They assist them to agree how to put things right or avoid it happening again. Problems are resolved quickly and constructively.

Transforming communities, shaping lives

Marking the 10th anniversary of our peer mediation scheme in Bacon’s College in Rotherhithe, London, this video gives a snapshot of its impact on the school and its student mediators.


Peer mediation addresses:

Social media & text bullying
Fall-outs among friends
Parent / family involvement in disputes

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand the demands on schools and colleges. Our service is tailored to meet the requirements of each organisation and offers comprehensive support to set it up and keep it running successfully. We will begin by meeting with you to agree scheme specifics.

Our service covers, for example:

  • Selecting student mediators.
  • 5-day training for up to 24 new student mediators.
  • Refresher for any existing student mediators.
  • Help to design and manage referral process.
  • Supervision for every student mediator.
  • Prefect training.
  • Liaison with school leadership.

Yes, we can run an engaging session bespoke to your needs, for students or staff.

Engaging student sessions will challenge them to think about everyday conflict and try constructive approaches to resolving it.

Mediation can be made part of your school’s exclusion policy. For example, it can be used during the reintegration process or to help support any decisions that have been made for the future.

We can help put bullying interventions in place through mediated meetings depending on the circumstances. The process can help students who may need to develop foresight and to understand the impact of their actions.

Yes, mediation can be used for adult-adult disputes if all the parties are willing. We involve experienced adult mediators for these disputes.

Yes, we can. We have a panel of inter-generational mediation practitioners here at Calm Mediation. You might want to share this page with the adults involved.

This is a special training package we have developed which is designed to boost the communication skills and self-awareness of prefects, helping them to excel in their role. Please contact us if you are interested in this.

Unique to our Peer Mediation Service is the opportunity for the mediators to gain experience outside of school. In the past, through Calm Mediation’s other services, our young mediators have volunteered on conflict cases involving residents’ groups, young people, neighbours, and faith groups. Their support has been invaluable, and their maturity commented on by others present. Peer mediators gaining this additional experience report increased emotional intelligence, confidence, leadership, and communication skills.

Get started

Thinking of introducing peer mediation in your school or college? 

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Team Contact Information

Open 9:30-5:30, Monday to Friday, with out of hours appointments available.

Why invest in peer mediation
in your school?

Improves students' lifelong outcomes

In a world where soft-skills are valued more than ever, this help students stand out from the crowd when applying for university and jobs.

Peer mediators say their training improves their interpersonal and problem-solving skills and their confidence.

Helps build resilient communities

By creating an opportunity to practice listening, negotiating and empathy, student mediators tend to become more focused and less likely to be involved in conflict themselves. They have a positive general influence on their peers and communities.

Boosts school performance

Conflict situations are nipped in the bud early on, before they escalate, returning students’ focus to their academic work. Over time, bullying and conflict is reduced, exclusions decrease, attendance is improved.

In schools, as well as producing student role-models, the whole-school approach teaches and demonstrates life skills that can help students talk about sensitive, challenging issues with respect and tolerance.

Supports staff and reduces exclusions

Mediation gives teachers another option in their tool box, so they can focus on teaching and pastoral support. Pupil exclusions may be prevented as behaviour and relationships with other students and staff improve.

Feedback from schools and students:

Mel from Calm Mediation has supported new students starting secondary school by helping to unpick long standing and challenging issues in a calm, professional and sensitive manner. Not only does this support schools but also models the correct behaviour and values to the wider school community.

Head of Y7

The service that I have received has been nothing short of exceptional. The students have benefited greatly and been able to develop a greater sense of self-awareness and skills on conflict resolution.

Mr Alemu – Head of Year 9

I have had the pleasure of working with Calm Mediation and Mel and other members of the team since our inception as a school. The training for our young people on restorative justice and mediation techniques has been second to none. Indeed, I have undergone the same training and found it incredibly useful in my work. The clear message that there is always a solution and a way forward towards positive resolution of conflict has been an excellent grounding for our young people. We've also used Calm Mediation extensively within our school community with both parents in conflict and parents and teachers. It has been the best experience and I would thoroughly recommend them to other schools.

Sarah Daly Assistant head teacher The Charter School East Dulwich.

I have learned a lot more about myself. Also, I feel that I have a lot more skill. My listening skills have improved a lot since

Year 7 Student

“Mediation has changed my mind on how I think. It has shown me how to think positively.”

Year 6 Student

“I have learnt … that you have to be patient, responsible and that people’s problems are not gossip.”

Year 7 Student
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