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Family Mediation Service

Mediation for families in times of change

Our highly experienced family mediators can help separating or divorcing couples to make arrangements for children, property and finance without the stress or expense of going to court. (If your conflict is about other family matters please see this page.)

Over 5000 families supported
Child-inclusive mediation specialists
Voucher scheme for mediation
Legal Aid

About our
Family Mediation Service

No matter how difficult the situation seems, we can assist couples to understand their options and to have the supported conversations they need.


We provide high quality mediation at highly competitive prices. Our service is also contracted with the Legal Aid Agency to offer free mediation to those who qualify. We also participate in the Government's mediation voucher scheme.


Our mediators are all registered with the Family Mediation Council and we are authorised to sign relevant court forms.

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Why choose family mediation over going to court?


Mediation is much lower cost in comparison to legal methods. Once made, the agreement is quick and inexpensive to review and amend when things change, such as children getting older, a house move, change of schools, etc.


Mediation can take as little as two and half hours in total and can resolve disputes that have been ongoing for years. It keeps people in control of decisions about their family rather than a judge. It is voluntary and confidential, supporting clients to find realistic solutions that are agreeable to both.

Exceptional experience

Our senior mediator is highly skilled with hundreds of cases successfully mediated. Three additional mediators also work to the highest standards. They provide excellent support to clients through what can be an emotionally challenging process.


Our mediators undergo regular training, development and supervision to support their practice. They follow the Codes of Practice of the Family Mediation Council and are regulated for legal aid work by the Legal Aid Agency.

What our clients say about our service:

“It’s been over two years since I attended mediation, but I just wanted to thank you for your efforts at the time. Your guidance gave me a lot of strength to continue with what I believe to be fair and reasonable requests. I didn’t have to go to court in the end and your advice empowered me greatly which meant a lot to me.”

Family Mediation Service User

“I really appreciate what you have done for us today, thank you so much.”

Family Mediation Service User

“From the start they took the time to listen to me and felt like they understood. All in all I can say a brilliant service, thank you!”

Family Mediation Service User

“Helpful, informative, friendly, and committed to finding a positive resolution.”

Family Mediation Service User

“Thanks a lot for the mediation session. I am glad that we were able to achieve this much.”

Family Mediation Service User

“I wanted to thank you sincerely for your great work yesterday at the MIAM and mediation session. You made me feel welcome, at ease and gave me peace of mind that mediation might bring some resolution.”

Family Mediation Service User

“The team works professionally and shows human understanding. You get the best from your visit even if the outcome may not have been your way. Thank you.”

Family Mediation Service User

Meet our Family Mediation team: