International Restorative Justice Week 2022

20th – 26th November

Calm Mediation RJ team had another exciting week celebrating this year’s International RJ Week. We attended the annual Restorative Justice Council two-day conference, an RJ event with Mint House, Oxford and we delivered a keynote presentation at the Victim Support RJ webinar alongside Met Police and West Mercia RJ Team.

Our social media celebrations focused on the rich history of RJ around the globe, from its origins in indigenous teachings to the present day.

So, how is RJ used internationally?

Pakistan & Afghanistan
Jirga, a Pashtu word meaning circle, is a council of elders that intervenes in disputes. Jirga originates from Pukhthoon communities of Pakistan and Afghanistan

When conflict occurs among Kinga people, harmony must be restored. Community members would sit in a circle around the fire, to reach a compromise. Reconciliation would be symbolised by a ceremonial sharing of food and drink.

In 2016 the first restorative circle dialogue between Gardaí and the Travelling Community provided opportunities to break down barriers through communication, better understand each other and identify areas for change.

2018: Easing tensions and healing trauma through Conflict Transformation and Restorative Justice workshops as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia re-integrate into civilian communities, many of whom are victims of the armed conflict.

Many different cultures with one common belief. Since time immemorial, the ‘circle’ has been recognised as a powerful and effective way to communicate, restore peace and bring people to a place of understanding.