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Neighbour Mediation Service

Resolving neighbour disputes using mediation

Calm Mediation provides trained mediators to address disputes between neighbours, or in neighbourhoods, quickly and constructively. We support neighbours and communities on a wide range of issues. In 2022/23:

349 clients were referred to our neighbour mediation service.
83% of clients attended at least one meeting.
88% of those who had a mediation meeting with their neighbour reached an agreement.

About our Neighbour Mediation Service

Since 1987, we have assisted hundreds of people every year to resolve disputes with their neighbours or in their neighbourhood.

Housing associations and borough housing departments across London and the Home Counties have contracts with us to provide their residents with independent conflict resolution support. We are the largest provider of these services in London.

Our team of around 70 trained mediators volunteer their expertise for community benefit. They undergo regular training and supervision with us to ensure a high-quality service.

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Why choose Calm Mediation to help resolve a neighbour dispute?

Mediation works

In almost 90% of our cases where neighbours meet in mediation, they come away with an agreement on how to solve or improve the problem.

Time and cost effective

Our service is low cost in comparison to legal methods.

Mediation can take as little as three and half hours in total and could resolve disputes that have been ongoing for years.

35 years experience

Our team has been working to resolve conflict in communities since 1987. Specialists in our field, we reach across London and the Home Counties.

Skilled mediators

Our practitioners undergo regular training, development and supervision to support their high-quality practice. If you are interested in training as a practitioner with Calm Mediation, consider our training.

What our clients say about our service:

"The mediators provided exactly the safe space that was needed for everyone to feel they could express themselves and - after a few bends in the road - to reach a peaceful and amicable conclusion. I think we all feel considerably lighter as a result."

London resident

"Excellent service from beginning to end."

London resident

"The Calm Mediation team were great and have done all they can do to help me which I very much appreciate. It has given me a percentage of calm in dealing with issues with my neighbour."

London resident

"Calm Mediation were professional, responsive, understanding, considerate and proactive in support us in resolving the conflict."

London resident

"Very friendly and professional mediators. It was very helpful when they stepped in in right moments."

London resident

"The whole experience from Calm Mediation was very positive. They make you feel very comfortable very informed and safe. They really helped to resolve the problems for me, and the situation is much better now thanks to everyone at Calm."

London resident

Meet our Neighbour Mediation team