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Neighbour Mediation Service

Neighbour mediation for private tenants and homeowners

We support people to resolve a range of issues including but not limited to:

Landlord and tenant relationships
Disrepair disputes
Houses in multiple occupation (HMOs)
Neighbourhood issues
Proposed extensions and boundary lines
Parking issues
CCTV and filming
Noise or parties

How does mediation work?

If everyone involved are private tenants or homeowners, you may need to self-fund the mediation process. For more information on fees and terms and conditions, please see our referral form below.

Those involved need to give written consent for their details to be passed to Calm Mediation.

Step 1

Referral and deposit - Once all parties have given consent for a referral to be made to us, please download, complete and return the referral form below.

Step 2

Initial contact - Once the deposit is paid, we will contact everyone to explain the mediation process and answer any questions. If everyone agrees to proceed, we arrange step 3.

Step 3

Introductory meetings - Each party meets separately with the mediators. You can each tell the mediators about the situation and what you want for the future. They will help everyone plan for the next step.

Step 4

Mediation meeting - The mediators take everyone through a structured process. The aim is to reach a practical agreement that will resolve or improve the situation.

We aim to arrange introductory meetings within two weeks of receiving a referral, subject to people's availability. It is sometimes possible for step 3 and 4 meetings to take place on the same day.

Frequently Asked Questions

We help neighbours with a wide range of issues including: noise; difference in lifestyles; shared spaces and gardens; boundaries and overhanging trees; parking; anti-social behaviour; drug and alcohol use; housing officer/tenant disputes; pets; damage to property; CCTV/filming; relationship breakdown; verbal abuse; physical altercations; harassment; discrimination.

For information on our fees for private homeowners/tenants mediations, please go to page 1 of our private referral form here.

If you or your neighbour are a tenant of a housing association or council, we may be able to offer mediation to you for free. Please contact your housing provider to see if they have a current contract with Calm Mediation. If they do, your housing provider may be able to make a referral to our service on your behalf.

Mediation is not a legal process so any mediation agreement that you reach is not a legal document. Mediation agreements are made in ‘good faith’ meaning that there is a genuine intention to reach and stick to an agreement. The mediators aim to make sure that everyone is there in good faith. Because agreements are negotiated between the parties they are more likely to stick.

Each party will receive a copy of the written agreement. We can send a copy to someone else (eg a landlord or another neighbour, as relevant) if all parties give permission.

Mediation is a voluntary process; this is a key part of what makes it work. Both parties must agree to mediation in order to receive support from Calm Mediation.

Start a referral

Once the form opens, please download/print, complete in full and return it to:

Team Contact Information

9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday, with out of hours appointments available.

What our clients say about our service:

"The facilitators were great! Made the whole process easy for me."

London Flat Owner

"The mediators provided exactly the safe space that was needed for everyone to feel they could express themselves and - after a few bends in the road - to reach a peaceful and amicable conclusion. I think we all feel considerably lighter as a result."

London Home Owner

"Calm Mediation were professional, responsive, understanding, considerate and proactive in support us in resolving the conflict."

London Home Owner

"The members of staff were giving clear understanding of their roles in what it means of why they do it."

London Landlord

"The whole experience from calm mediation was very positive they make you feel very comfortable very informed and safe they really helped to resolve the problems for me, and the situation is much better now thanks to everyone at calm."

London Home Owner

"After the mediation, l feel lighter instead of feeling angry."

London Flat Owner
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