Our Impact

Strength in Numbers

<Some figures to indicate the size of the mediation sector in UK>

By pooling our anonymised reports, we will be able to draw better informed conclusions. We believe that conflict resolution in all its forms; Community Mediation, Restorative Justice, Neighbour, Family, Inter-generational and Youth Mediation are needed more than ever by our societies and we want to educate decision makers and arm them with research to have confidence in our sector.

We put a lot of effort into what we do, it would be useful to understand which part of this creates the biggest impact, so that we can better use our resources. A huge part of being a mediation practitioner is being able to receive feedback, we want feedback so that we can learn, review and be agile now and in the years to come. Join us.


Are you a similar organisation who wants to better understand the impact you are having?

How many times have you been asked to prove yet again why your services are needed? We want to finally answer this question and keep answering, year after year. 

To make this project possible we have developed a package that runs on the Salesforce platform (this is like an app that runs on Android platform). It enables tracking of cases that use the co-mediation or co-facilitation model where a case can have any number of clients, meetings and people involved in the case. 

We hope that by managing cases in the same way, with shared vocabulary and milestones we will feel united as a sector and measure pears with pears and apples with apples.

Step 1: Find a Salesforce Administrator that matches your needs

Step 2: Apply for NPSP graft from Salesforce (you get instant access, after which you send evidence of your charity status) this gives you free access for 10 people

Step 3: Register for the project (link to come)

Step 4: Install our package (link to come)


Are you someone with a passion for technology and numbers?

We are looking for universities, statisticians and data scientists who want to partner with us to review and present outcomes 2-3 times a year. Please declare your interest by emailing anya.comms@calmmediation.org