Calm Mediation, 92 Camberwell Rd, London, SE5 0EG

Our people

Our services are delivered by a small team of paid staff and a panel of trained mediators and facilitators who volunteer their time for community benefit.

Our mediators and facilitators

Diverse team

Many of our services are delivered by expert practitioners who give their time for the benefit of the community. Trained and accredited by reputable organisations, they come from a wide range of backgrounds: education, the law, HR, business, the prison service, charity sector, health and others.  In age, they range from their 20s to 80s.


We have more than 60 practitioners with years of experience, who have regular engagement in cases.  They attend our programme of continuing professional development and are supported through regular supervision. We can match practitioners to the needs of our service users as appropriate, and provide mediators during weekdays, evenings or weekends.

Ethical and professional

Our staff and practitioners uphold our code of conduct and complaints policy & procedure which put our service users’ best interests at the centre of all we do. Our code of conduct is in line with the European Code of Conduct for mediators. We have in place policies to ensure the safety of our staff, practitioners and service users; to protect the data we hold, and to ensure our work upholds the principles of equal opportunities.