Restorative Justice Council’s 4th RJ Leaders’ Summit

Our chair of Trustee’s Chris Pickard and RJ Service Manager Julie Clark attended the 4th Restorative Leaders’ Summit hosted by The Restorative Justice Council on 11th May in London.

RJ Leaders travelled from as far as Scotland and Ireland for the day to enjoy two excellent sessions introduced by RJ Council Chief Exec James Simon.

The morning saw Lucy Jaffe of Why Me? and Rosie Chadwick of Mint House co-deliver a World CafĂ© session on “Communicating restorative justice and practice” to partners, potential service users and the general public

After lunch, Gifford Sutherland and Linda Reid of The Black Practitioners Network delivered a session exploring how organisations can “Address cultural and ethnic representation across the restorative sector”.

We came away from both sessions with plenty of food for thought and more importantly, actions.