RJ Partner Awareness Sessions

The Restorative Justice (RJ) team: Janet, Julie and Zoe, have received some great feedback from the MPS Borough Command Unit (BCU) Familiarisation Week sessions.

BCU Familiarisation Week is delivered to all new police recruits in week 12 of their training. Its aim is to ‘introduce a range of community inputs in the delivery of their learning and development, together with strengthened community immersion activity.‘ – Mayors Action Plan Public Update, July 2021.

As part of BCU Familiarisation Week, the Calm Mediation RJ team have been regularly delivering BCU Familiarisation Week Awareness Sessions (AS) to the next generation of Met Police Constables and Detectives in Southwark and Lambeth since August 2020. So far, we have reached over 300 new recruits.

The sessions are interactive and promote thought provoking discussion. We look at the impact of different crime types and whether this is something that can be quantified, what the Restorative Justice process looks like, hear real-life accounts of RJ from those who have gone through the process themselves, and we discuss its benefits.

The MPS Learning & Development Coordinator recently stated

‘The feedback for the AS BCU Fam week is the best in the MPS and that’s because of the enthusiasm you all put into your presentations. So thank you all very much.’

The Calm RJ team are extremely proud to be a part of their successes and always look forward to delivering the next session.