Why use community mediation?

Image of win-win words in cloud against blue skyMediation is an effective method of dispute resolution that is becoming more widely used in many different situations in the UK.

The benefits:

  • It’s quick. Mediators are readily available and most disputes can be resolved within a two-stage process which can be completed in as little as half a day.
  • It works – 94% of our mediation meetings end in an agreement.
  • It’s low cost compared to legal methods.
  • It saves money – it can save landlords time and money ‘firefighting’ disputes between tenants.
  • It’s informal so there are no off-putting procedures.
  • It can be used at an early stage of conflict before problems escalate and become entrenched.
  • It puts people in control of their problems rather than handing control to the authorities.
  • It enables those involved in a dispute to come up with practical solutions that are agreeable to both sides.
  • It often clears up misunderstandings and resentments because it allows all participants to speak and to be heard.
  • It allows people to rebuild relationships.
  • Participants are more often satisfied at the end because it tends to produce win/win outcomes rather than win/lose outcomes that usually follow from formal procedures.
  • It promotes cohesion because it is voluntary and participants are committed to finding a positive outcome.
  • Participants gain useful insights from the process that they can use to better manage future conflict.