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Workplace Mediation Service

Mediation in the workplace

Conflict between work colleagues is costly to employers and threatens the wellbeing of staff. No matter how difficult the situation seems, we are here to support you to address the problem quickly and get the best outcome. You can trust us to keep your information confidential and to provide excellent support for mediation participants.

Affordable, quality mediation with high success rate
Conflict resolution for 1-to-1 or team situations
Less time-consuming and provides longer-lasting positive outcomes than formal processes

About our Workplace Mediation Service

Our Workplace Mediation Service offers access to quality conflict resolution for community organisations, charities and non-profits, small businesses and public authorities.

Calm Mediation's panel of accredited mediators support employees at all levels to find solutions to conflict.

We are proud to find our referrals growing through word-of-mouth recommendation.

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Why use mediation for workplace conflict?


Mediation is low cost in comparison to formal routes which can take hours of management time and fail to resolve the core issues. In over 90% of cases where colleagues meet in mediation it results in an agreement. Our follow-up supports longevity of that agreement.

A swift response

Mediation can be organised quickly, avoiding prolonged stress and returning people to productive work. It usually takes just a few hours to reach a practical resolution that is agreeable to all participants

Neutral and confidential

Mediation gives people the chance to discuss problems in confidence. With the help of a trusted third party who has no influence in the workplace or over their future career, they can work through the problems and find a workable solution together.

Skilled support

Our practitioners are all accredited workplace mediators. They participate in regular development and supervision to support their practice. If you would like your organisation to consider conflict skills training, have a look at our training page.

Get started

Conflict between work colleagues is costly to employers and threatens the wellbeing of staff. We are happy to have a purely exploratory call to consider the options.

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