Calm Mediation, 92 Camberwell Rd, London, SE5 0EG

About us

We are proud to provide the community with access to independent mediation as an effective means of resolving conflict, and to restorative justice as a means of repairing the harm of crime.

Our vision:

A voice, a choice, a chance for change

Our values:

Community focussed
We strengthen communities by improving relationships between people and by building their capacity to resolve problems.
High quality
We strive to ensure that people in the communities we serve can access the best mediation and restorative justice expertise.
We encourage and support people to communicate constructively and to be open to new ideas and change.
We give people a chance to create a positive way forward.
We strive to treat people equitably and to enable fair solutions to problems.

Track record

Our services have been supporting London’s communities to resolve conflict since 1986.

Originally established as CALM (Confidential and Local Mediation) in Hammersmith in 1995, we changed our name in 2016 to reflect the broader reach of our services. In 2020, we joined forces with our sister organisation Southwark Mediation Centre (established in 1986) to provide the capital’s most comprehensive mediation service.

Calm Mediation is now the largest provider of neighbour mediation to London’s social housing sector. We continue to innovate in the field of community mediation, working in novel ways with the support of local agencies to restore harmony in neighbourhoods. A beacon of good practice, our highly-regarded Restorative Justice Service is part of London’s Victims and Witness Service, funded by the Mayor’s Office. Our high-quality Family Mediation Service holds a contract with the Ministry of Justice for Legal Aid cases. We have trained and continue to develop many of the practitioners who provide our services. Through our award-winning Peer Mediation Service, we are also building the next generation of mediators who support their fellow students to resolve conflict in schools and universities.

We are a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation (reg no 1161807) governed by the provisions of the Charities Act 2011. Any surplus income is re-invested in our services. Our latest Annual Report and Accounts are available from the Charity Commission.