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Family Mediation Service

How we help professionals to meet their clients’ needs

Our highly experienced family mediators can help clients make arrangements for children, property and finance. Mediation supports them to stay in control of making their own decisions. Compared with going to court, it is quick, effective, less stressful and low in cost.

MIAMs from £80 pp
Authorised for Legal Aid and Voucher scheme
Court forms signed at no additional cost
Child arrangements, property & finance and all issues mediation
Child-inclusive mediation, where appropriate

Why choose our Family Mediation Service over going to court?

Experts in the field

Calm Mediation has been providing mediation for neighbours for 35+ years. Your tenants will have the support of an expert, independent third party to try to resolve their differences. We provide our service to many housing providers across London and the Home Counties.

Saves staff time

Referring a case to mediation frees up time for busy housing staff to work on other things whilst the process takes place. We handle all the arrangements for a mediation.


Mediation can help to prevent disputes escalating. A focus on future communication can empower neighbours to solve problems between themselves in future. Mediation can avoid the need to rehouse people and the cost of legal proceedings.

Improves wellbeing

Living with conflict is stressful and disruptive. Resolving things quickly benefits the wellbeing of those involved and those around them. In almost 90% of cases where neighbours meet in mediation, they come away with an agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If you your client is on a low income, at their MIAM we can assess whether they are eligible for free (legal aid) mediation sessions. If one party is eligible for legal aid, the Legal Aid Agency will pay for a MIAM for each client plus the first joint mediation session.  Check eligibility criteria here. 

If a client is not eligible for Legal Aid, they may still qualify for £500 towards their mediation costs through the Government’s non means-tested Mediation Voucher Scheme.

To see our full schedule of fees, click here: Family Mediation Fees.docx

The Government’s Mediation Voucher scheme (giving £500 towards costs) is temporary – you are welcome to call us to check the current position: 0300 102 3033.

We typically book about two weeks ahead but can fit in urgent cases within days if needed. Court forms can be sent out within two working days of a meeting.

After the joint mediation session, if an outcome document is generated, this will be with the clients within two working days. They can then choose whether to formalise this into a Court Order.

Our process and experience enable us to offer flexibility for the particular needs of clients. Whether this relates to concern about being in a room with the other person, having English as a second language or needing support for a disability, we aim to ensure that each person has an equal voice in the discussions.

Take the first step

We are happy to have a purely exploratory conversation with you, or your client, about the options.


Complete this no-obligation form to get a call back; it will enable us to have a productive conversation. Once the form opens, please download/print, complete in full and return it to:

Team Contact Information

Available Monday - Friday, 9:30 - 5:30, with out of hours appointments available.

How does the process work?

Your clients may need to have a MIAM (Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting) either because they wish to take court action or in order to access a safe, impartial space for discussions. Our experienced team will assist them to navigate the process and, where appropriate, keep in touch with you as matters progress.

You can make a referral below. If you provide client details, we need to know that the client has agreed to be contacted by us. We will then contact the client within two working days to begin the step-by-step process:

Step 1

A short call with each client to outline mediation and answer questions or concerns.

Step 2

Private introductory meeting (MIAM) - 45 minutes. We'll hear their perspective and prepare for the next step.

Step 3

Joint meeting (JM) – 90 minutes. We'll enable listening and discussion and help them find options that everyone can accept for the future.

All our clients are offered the choice of online or in-person appointments. We can usually accommodate particular needs (e.g. for shuttle mediation where they are not in the same room). Following a meeting, we complete summary documents or offer follow-up sessions as appropriate.

What our clients say about our service:

“It’s been over two years since I attended mediation, but I just wanted to thank you for your efforts at the time. Your guidance gave me a lot of strength to continue with what I believe to be fair and reasonable requests. I didn’t have to go to court in the end and your advice empowered me greatly which, meant a lot to me.”

Family Mediation Service User

“I really appreciate what you have done for us today, thank you so much”

Family Mediation Service User

“From the start they took the time to listen to me and felt like they understood. All in all I can say a brilliant service, thank you!”

Family Mediation Service User

“Helpful, informative, friendly, and committed to finding a positive resolution.”

Family Mediation Service User

“Thanks a lot for the mediation session. I am glad that we were able to achieve this much”

Family Mediation Service User

“I wanted to thank you sincerely for your great work yesterday at the MIAM and mediation session. You made me feel welcome, at ease and gave me peace of mind that mediation might bring some resolution”

Family Mediation Service User

“The team works professionally and shows human understanding. You get the best from your visit even if the outcome may not have been your way. Thank you.”

Family Mediation Service User
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