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Neighbour Mediation Service

Support to resolve neighbour disputes and anti-social behaviour

We partner with councils and housing associations to support their tenants or local residents to quickly resolve neighbour or neighbourhood issues. We also assist with disputes between housing providers and tenants, for example around repair, maintenance and hoarding. Our service is independent and confidential, which gives the best chance of a positive outcome. Issues we commonly address include:

Verbal abuse / physical altercations / harassment
Difference in lifestyles and noise
Use of shared spaces
Tenant-housing officer disputes
Relationship breakdown
Anti-social behaviour

Why use our Neighbour Mediation Service?

Experts in the field

Calm Mediation has been providing mediation for neighbours and communities for 35+ years. Your tenants or residents will have the support of an expert third party to try to resolve their differences. We provide our service to many housing providers across London and the Home Counties.

Saves staff time

Referring a case to mediation frees up time for busy housing or council staff to work on other things whilst the process takes place. We handle all the arrangements for a mediation.


Mediation can help to prevent disputes escalating. A focus on future communication can empower neighbours to solve problems between themselves in future. Mediation can avoid the need to rehouse people and the cost of legal proceedings.

Improves wellbeing

Living with conflict is stressful and disruptive. Resolving things quickly benefits the wellbeing of those involved and those around them. In almost 90% of our cases where people meet in mediation, they come away with an agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

The sooner a situation is referred to mediation, the quicker and easier it can be to resolve. We recommend making a referral as soon as you become aware of an issue. However, we also accept and have successful cases where the conflict may have been present for a long time.

They do not need to agree to mediation for a referral to be made to us. However, they do need to be open to the idea of hearing from us about how we might be able to support them. People are often willing to try mediation once they have spoken with us and the mediators.

We aim to arrange initial private meeting between the mediators and the parties within 2-5 weeks. Our aim is to arrange a mediation meeting between the parties within 5-9 weeks. Cases may happen quicker or take longer depending on the numbers involved and availability of the parties and the mediators.

Our team contact your tenants to explain the process. If everyone agrees to go ahead, our mediators meet each party separately and in confidence in a one hour introductory meeting (IM). They listen to what they have to say, ask questions to help them be clear about what they need and want, and explain the next step. If the tenant agrees to proceed with mediation, our mediators also prepare them for the joint mediation meeting where they will meet with the other person.

In the joint mediation meeting, the mediators help the parties to get a better understanding of the situation. They support them to reach practical agreement points on how they want things to be moving forward. This meeting is for two hours.

After the meeting, we provide each party with a copy of the agreement they have made. Because agreements are negotiated between the parties they are more likely to stick.

Yes: our service offers mediation support both in person and remotely using Zoom.

Mediation is a flexible process. We will not force people to do anything that they do not want to do. Our team will explore various options to ensure that there is a format of mediation that suits everyone involved.

If mediation is not possible for whatever reason, we offer people a 'next steps meeting'.

This is a private individual meeting with two of our mediators. The mediators will talk with the client about the issues that they are experiencing, and help them to consider ways of addressing or managing the issues moving forward. The goal is to make an action plan that lays out the next steps that the resident will take to try to improve things.

Yes, we can. We are experienced at bringing people together to resolve wider issues in a community e.g. disputes between a group of neighbours, problem behaviour in parks or shared spaces, disputes between local businesses and residents, disputes within community organisations. Please contact us to find out how we can help.

We can work with most dispute issues. If you are unsure if a case is suitable for mediation, please contact us at to discuss the case further.

Some cases that are not suitable for mediation may be suitable for support from our Restorative Justice Service.

Yes! We love to attend staff meetings. We also offer Awareness Sessions to provide you/your staff with tools and skills to help you ‘sell’ the opportunity of mediation to tenants. For more information, please email us at

Start a referral

Once the form opens, please download/print, complete in full and return it to:

Team Contact Information

9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday, with out of hours appointments available.

How does the process work?

You will need to gain consent from both/all parties for us to contact them regarding mediation.

Step 1

Once both parties have given consent, please complete the referral form below.

Please note: if you already have a case-by-case contract, you will need to provide a purchase order number with your referral.

Step 2

Our aim is to acknowledge your referral within 3 working days and to contact the parties within 5 working days.

We give them information about the process and offer an initial private meeting with the mediators.

Step 3

We keep you updated on progress but keep the details of conversations with/between the parties confidential.

If both parties give permission, we can share their mediation agreement reached with you.

What our referrers say about our service:

"I received regular updates on the progress of the parties during the mediation process and the outcomes which so for have been positive as parties have been able to come to an agreement"

Housing Officer

"An excellent way to resolve neighbour disputes and the team keep you updated on the progress."

Housing Officer

"I am impressed by the way Calm mediation handled the case"

Housing Officer

"The parties are given appointments very swiftly and the mediation service was in constant communication giving updates."

Housing Officer

"The process was very easy and I feel that the outcome was reasonable for both parties which could only have come about with a professional service"

Housing Officer

"The work provided has helped resolve long existing ASB and Noise Nuisance cases"

Housing Officer
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